Why Donate to the Humane Society? William Nixon of Oklahoma City, OKC Provides Answers

As a devoted advocate for the care of animals, William Nixon of Oklahoma City is a proud supporter of the Oklahoma Humane Society. Animals can be, and often are, man’s best friend. Establishing a relationship with animals helps one to understand and appreciate our furry neighbors that we share the planet with. Sadly, while there are over 300 million people living in the United States, there are millions of animals who are homeless. In addition, animals are sometimes owned by people who treat them badly.

In order to combat the occurrence of animal abuse and homelessness, the Humane Society and its dedicated employees work tirelessly to care for rescued animals and find them loving homes. The Oklahoma Humane Society, a state-wide animal welfare organization, is committed to ensuring that the majority of the animals they take in are nourished back to health, provided with medical care, and adopted by a compassionate human. Unfortunately, due to the poor conditions some animals are forced to survive in, some animals need to be put to sleep.

Organizations such as the Oklahoma Humane Society with the help of William Nixon of Oklahoma City work diligently to try to restore the health of as many animals as they can. In addition, the Humane Society offers reduced cost veterinary care for low income pet owners. By doing so, the Humane Society can ensure that animals who already have loving homes do not lose those homes due to financial burden.

Prevention is often the best course of action. Therefore, any time a tragedy can be avoided, the Humane Society does its best, with the support of generous donations, to ensure their mission is upheld. William Nixon of Oklahoma City, OKC, one of the Oklahoma Humane Society’s most generous donors, values the work the organization does on a daily basis in ensuring the health and happiness of animals throughout Oklahoma.


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