William Nixon of Oklahoma City: Employing Dozens

The legal field has always been a prestigious field of study but not everyone wants to spend the years or the money required to become an attorney. Law firms employ many skilled individuals and staff can be comprised of individuals with multiple backgrounds of study. William Nixon of Oklahoma City understands that diverse backgrounds help his law firm but as a student himself, he was determined to become a successful attorney.

William Nixon of Oklahoma City graduated from the University of Oklahoma Law School in 1988. It was after graduating that he and his esteemed peers opened up their own law firm. Love, Beal, & Nixon, P.C. was founded in 1988 and since that time, the firm has added on in staff and grown in prestige. By 2013, William Nixon of Oklahoma City was the sole shareholder of the law firm, which employed eight attorneys and a staff of over 100 individuals.

William Nixon of Oklahoma City is a proud business owner and hopes his legacy as an attorney will stick with the firm years after he retires. For now, he diligently leads his firm in integrity and professionalism. William Nixon of Oklahoma is known for his intellect and strong work ethic. These are things he looks at in all of the firm’s employees. William Nixon of Oklahoma City also recognizes the importance of his work as an employer. As an employer, William Nixon of Oklahoma City strengthens his community by employing a staff of over 100 individuals with well-respected and quality work.